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      Our Town - Welcome to Hempstead, a small town with a big heart.
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      Location - We're just off Hwy 290, 50 miles northwest of Houston.
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      Have a good time! - Famous for our watermelons!
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      Football Stadium - We're full of community pride.
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      Sponsorship Recognition for Cajun Ready Mix, Largest Sponsor for 2016 Watermelon Festival
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      Come for the scenery - Some of the most beautiful sunsets in Texas.
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      Jr. Cook-Off
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      Watermelon Seed Spitting Sign-up
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      Sponsorship Recognition for LBC Media, LLC
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      Jr. Cook-Off preparation
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      Jr. Cook-Off
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      Risky Liver Band - 27th Annual Watermelon Festival (2016)
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      Festival activity at the Gazebo
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