• Festival of Lights - Parade Rules

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    • Participants will be notified of their approximate parade number by Friday, December 8th in the AM. Notification will be through an email. If an email is not on the parade entry form, participants will be notified of their number by phone.
    • The parade committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.

    Parade Line-up

    • A parade registration table will be set up in the parking lot of Hempstead High School.
    • All parade entries MUST check in at the parade registration table to receive your parade entry number. DO NOT TAKE THE ENTRY NUMBER FROM THE STREET MARKERS.
    • All horse entries must present parade committee proof of negative coggins test (FOR ALL HORSES IN GROUP) at the registration table prior to placement in the parade line­-up.
    • If you would like to have your parade entry judged, the entry must be checked in and in the parade line­-up by 5:00 PM with ALL LIGHTS ON.
    • Non-judging Entries must arrive and be in the­ line-up by 5:15 PM.
    • Place the entry number in the right upper windshield of your decorated vehicle or the vehicle pulling the entry. If the entry does not have a windshield, place the number as close to the right side of the entry as possible. The entry number MUST be visible to the parade announcer and parade judges. (BRING SOME STRONG TAPE OR SOMETHING TO USE TO ATTACH THE NUMBER).
    • All participants will stay in their assigned places until authorized to advance by a parade committee member. Participants must not take it upon themselves to change the order of the parade. If you need to be lined up next to another entry (in front of or behind), please speak with the parade committee.
    • Every effort will be made to retain parade entries in the approximate number line ­up provided during the notification process. BE AWARE that if necessary, the parade committee can and will make changes to the parade line-­up to ensure the safety of all.
    • Parade Entries that arrive late will be assigned a place at the end of the parade.

    Parade Procession

    • The parade line-­up will start the procession towards downtown at 5:45 PM.
    • Speed of entries and traffic control will be under the direction of Hempstead Police Department with assistance from area law enforcement agencies.
    • Please drive slow and pace yourself to remain within a safe distance from the entry in front of you.
    • The Hempstead Chamber of Commerce and the parade committee will not be held responsible for any accidents.

    Special Restrictions

    • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is strictly prohibited.
    • SANTA CLAUS will be riding on the fire truck. No dressed­ up, blown ­up or mechanical Santa Clauses allowed on any entry.
    • Absolutely NO items may be thrown or tossed from floats. Failure to comply will result in being pulled from the parade and ineligibility to participate in future parades.

    End of Parade Procedures:

    • Turn in your parade number to the parade committee person stationed at the school. Please DO NOT TAKE THE PARADE NUMBERS.

    Parade Judging:

    • Parade judges will walk the line-­up before the parade.
    • Make sure you are in your assigned place by 5 PM with all lights turned on and your parade number is displayed so that it is visible to the judges.

    Parade Judging Categories:

    • Best Overall Entry
    • Best Decorated Float
    • Best Decorated Vehicle
    • Best Marching / Walking
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